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Monsters is a london based collective of 6 freelance illustrators. we each have our own styles and areas of graphic design and animation. we promote our work collectively through promotional material, a group website, exhibitions, and specially designed monsters products.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monsters Bog Blog

Not the usual toilet graffiti...
These are a couple of sneak photos of the work in progress of our artwork for Research Studios toilet We were commissioned by them to 'liven' up the boring magnolia walls with a spot of monsters illustration. Armed with our pens, ink, paint and vinyl cut outs we squeezed the six of us into a rather small toilet for the day. More to come soon, so watch this Bog, I mean Blog...

Straight from the sketchbook

I had the fortune to spend my Christmas last year in Italy. In between stuffing my face with turkey and pasta I did pick up my sketchbook once or twice and these were a few of the locals I sketched going about their daily business.

Eco fashion rough

Here's a rough I've been working on last week, It's a double page for an editorial about Fashion Houses going "Eco" friendly.
Shame, it appears it's not going to be used. Thought it looked Ok myself.

Cam x

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tiffany box

Hi there, I've created an illustrated map of the famous Tiffany store on Fifth Avenue Manhatten, which decorates a lovely little ceramic jewellery box. It's only available in the New York store, so hurry along soon...


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