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Monsters is a london based collective of 6 freelance illustrators. we each have our own styles and areas of graphic design and animation. we promote our work collectively through promotional material, a group website, exhibitions, and specially designed monsters products.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

start of a dream

This was the start of an early morning dream that never was, due to the early awakening of my youngest. Not sure if I got the character right, but who will ever know.
Reminds me of the "Magic Roundabout" somehow.


Dream fishing

Had a dream about fishing the other night, it all went horribly wrong.


Apple Day

Growing Communities, a social enterprise run by local people in Hackney, asked me to design a poster for Apple Day, a special event they are putting on at the Stoke Newington Farmer's Market on the 16th of October. Come along!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monsters Peephole at Anti Design Festival

Had you visited the Anti Design Festival last week curated by Neville Brody as part of the London Design Week you may have seen our Monsters 'Peepholes'...If not here a few pictures of the making of the 'Peephole' and other pieces from the festival. We did our version of the Victorian pier side entertainment with an executioner, a girl with a head balloon, a teapot, a flying fish, a mini-bodied clown, an emu and of course a naked man with added 'hole'.

Pete's Peculiar Pet Shop

Here's a couple of pics from a four book series for Pearson Education entitled 'Pete's Peculiar Pet Shop' written by Sheila Bird and illustrated by myself. I finished these earlier in the year and they are now hitting the shops. The series is about the vertically challenged Pete, his assistant Molly and the highs and lows of running a pet shop full of 'peculiar' pets in a town of Witches, Wizards, Royalty and Flea ridden dogs.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thinkgadgets website asked me to make a 'moving office' splashpage for their website, using some of their products. These elephants are based on their LED lights, have a look, they're very cute...

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