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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer Holidays??

It has been a busy summer at Humphries HQ
I have been doing  a lot of short deadline op-ed and letters pages for the Guardian and the South China Morning Post(SCMP) amongst other things.
The SCMP is based in Hong Kong. It involved setting my alarm clock at 4am and finishing work at 10am.
I was jet lagged without leaving the country!

The first image was for SCMP.
A publication called "House News"  Hong Kong’s largest online  news platform, with over 300,000 unique readers a day was shut down as a result of mainland Chinese surveillance, intimidation and pressure.

The second image was for the Guardian letters page.
I had 2 hours to complete an illustration about the  US air strikes on Iraq
Many readers were concerned about the innocent men, women, children and other vulnerable people that the US-led wars are supposed to save.

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